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Media Kit - Canva Template

Media Kit - Canva Template

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Struggle getting a response on your cold emails? 

That's because you're attaching your old media kit to the email and your email is being flagged as spam. 

Agenda Angel has the best solution to this:

  1. Use our Canva Download Media Kit to create your perfect Horizontal Media Kit (most creators have their media kits in a vertical format and this means you'll stand out)
  2. Utilize Canva's Website Feature to turn your media kit into a website!
  3. Create your perfect pitch, with no attachments.
  4. Always keep the subject Professional (i.e. Creator x AgendaAngel Partnership)
  5. Add your website as a hyperlink (View My Media Kit) 

All done! Now your Media Kit is in your email, but it won't get flagged as spam. You'll book 3x as many collaborations. 

Pro Tips:

  • Download your analytics from TikTok and Instagram into Excel Files and then upload it to a Google Drive Folder
  • Copy the link to the folder and hyperlink it in your Media Kit so the company can see your analytics first hand.
  • Link straight to your Instagram and TikTok Account!
  • Add your content niches
  • Add your P.O. Box for PR Boxes

See what you're getting: Digital Media Kit


@agendaangel This method + Our Media Kit = Cloud-9 #mediakit #contentcreator #tips #mediakittemplate ♬ My Superhero Movie  - Jacob Jeffries


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