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Curly Hair Notion Template

Curly Hair Notion Template

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It's the Notion template you never knew you needed!

Everything you will ever need to manage your hair - all in one notion template! This notion template offers:

  • ✦ A weather widget to make sure that silk press doesn't get ruined by rain or humidity
  • ✦ A designated place to watch Youtube Video Hair Tutorials (and save them in one place so you never lose them)
  • ✦ A hair growth tracker to stay motivated in your hair growth journal (shrinkage is not my friend)
  • ✦ A spot to save your favorite hairstyles from Pinterest or YouTube and a ranking system for them (my favorite feature)
  • ✦ Articles to help you figure out your hair pattern and porosity - no seriously, you NEED to know this for your hair
  • ✦ Motivational Affirmations to train you into loving your hair more (we can all work on this!)
  • ✦ Entertainment Hub for those long hair wash days or hair styling days - everything from your favorite podcasts to YouTube videos to Spotify playlists!
  • ✦ and so much more!


Perks of having a digital planner:
  • You can add "collaborators" to your spread.
  • You can view and edit it on your iPhone, iPad, and laptop (through safari and application).
  • You can keep everything in one place. Forget the days of having papers flying around and having dozens of notes in your notes app.
  • Everything you could ever possibly need is in this ONE planner. 

Notion ( is easy to use, and acts as an online data base and project management tool. Notion is free for personal use, so there are no additional costs beyond the templates. It is browser based so is compatible with all device types - no worrying if it will work with your computer or phone! Note: This is a digital file and not a physical item. After purchasing you will receive a link and instructions on how you can add this to your own Notion account for privacy. Notion does offer exporting functionality which will enable you to print if you would like ✨both a digital and physical copy✨. This is for use by the purchaser only, so PLEASE do not re-sell or distribute. If you have any questions or concerns about this template, contact our team of Notion Experts.

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