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Baby & Pregnancy Planner

Baby & Pregnancy Planner

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To all the strong and capable moms (and soon to be moms), you've found exactly what you've been looking for. The all in one, ultimate baby & pregnancy planner that can be customized for your wants and needs!

All the features of this Template

  • Countdown timer to your due date
  • A hospital map for directions
  • A page to figure out your birth plan
  • A "general items to get" page that will keep track of everything you need to get & its price
  • A post it note on your main page for random thoughts or things you don't want to forget
  • Inspiration Gallery for everything from nursery inspiration to your delivery outfit
  • Helpful articles that you can swap out when you're done reading them
  • Diaper Bag Checklist
  • Formula & Sleep Schedule Tracker that can change as much as you and the baby need
  • Health & Wellness page
  • A page dedicated to all of your important documents • Baby Shower Planning Page
  • Pregnancy Diary for all of your thoughts that you can look back on and reminisce
  • A spot to brainstorm baby names
  • A page to watch FREE online birthing classes INSIDE of the template so you don't have to leave the planner
  • A calendar for pregnancy and baby related appointments (or everything if you want)
  • A general countdown to do list from 9 months down to one week before your due date with helpful suggestions!
Perks of having a digital planner:
  • You can add "collaborators" to your spread so people like your baby's father, your significant other, or mom can view pages like the hospital map and contacts page so they doesn't have to scramble for directions or find out who to call when your water breaks!
  • You can view and edit it on your iPhone, iPad, and laptop (through safari and application). If you're at the store and you found some decorations for your nursery, you can go into the "items to get" page and track what you've got on it then cross it off the list immediately without forgetting! 
  • You can keep everything in one place. Forget the days of having papers flying around and having dozens of notes in your notes app.
  • Everything you could ever possibly need is in this ONE planner. Direct links to baby product pages, online birthing classes, and helpful articles. Save some money, space, and the headache. 


Notion ( is easy to use, and acts as an online data base and project management tool. Notion is free for personal use, so there are no additional costs beyond the templates to get your pregnancy and baby life organized. It is browser based so is compatible with all device types - no worrying if it will work with your computer or phone! Note: This is a digital file and not a physical item. After purchasing you will receive a link and instructions on how you can add this to your own Notion account for privacy. Notion does offer exporting functionality which will enable you to print if you would like ✨both a digital and physical copy✨. This is for use by the purchaser only, so PLEASE do not re-sell or distribute. If you have any questions or concerns about this template, please feel free to reach out. 

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