Best Notion Widgets & Embeds

Best Notion Widgets & Embeds


Every Notion page needs a few great widgets... and here at AgendaAngel - we've got you covered! These Widgets are designed to help you build a beautiful and useful page quickly. And our Embeds let you add the best of the web directly into your Notion page!



In this section, we'll cover all the different types of actions available in the Actions app.


This widget website provides the cutest animated widgets to keep you productive.


If you're looking for a solid but simple weather widget, WidgetBox is incredible!


Indify is my favorite and the one I use most often:

This one lets you connect your Google Calendar and transform it into a widget! As well as many more widget options not offered by these other websites.


Want to save YouTube videos in your Notion and then watch them directly in your template? You can do that!

Click "share" on the YouTube video of your choice and then paste & embed.

Image of a Calendar that changes each day

A calendar that changes each day.

This is a beautiful calendar that you can use as your icon image for the page or as an embed directly. If you want to make it work on both platforms, just copy and paste this link into your notion page:


We hope this list has given you a better idea of what Notion Widgets are, and how they can help you create beautiful websites. The best part is that there are totally free options—so there’s no excuse not to try them out!

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